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Parents information

Dress code​
St George's does not have a uniform so we ask if you can dress your child in suitable clothing especially as they can get messy and either in plimsolls or trainers. As the weather changes we understand you would like to bring your child in other outdoor shoes i.e. boots, wellie boots, sandals; if so please can you bring spare trainers or plimsolls in a bag that they can be changed into on arrival. Jewellery should not be worn as it could a health and safety issue, it could get damaged or loss during play. 
Parental Involvement
We greatly value the support and encourage parents to help in many ways: 
- Supporting our 'theme of the week' both pre-school and dragons by providing items that links to that theme for your child to show
- Helping out on school visits to provide the extra adults needed for ratio. Idea's for visitis are always welcome. 
- Coming into the pre-school and sharing your skill or speaking to the children about any religion or festivals that your family celebrate. 
Coffee Morning and Afternoon
At the end of the term parents, carers, relatives and friends are invited to attend so you can have a chance to chat with other parents, staff and also to see your child at play, singing or maybe dancing! 
At snack time we offer a choice of water or milk, bread stick, fruit and vegetables and on certain occasions i.e. religious festivals different snacks maybe offered. If your child has dietary requirement/food allergy please advise the pre-school staff so that we can endeavor to accommodate this. We ask for a contribution for £10 for the year. 
Key Person System
We aim to offer the best quality of experience for your child and the high staff ratio ensures all children are look after and their needs are meet.However each member of staff has a small group of children who they work with to help them develop and grow. The staff do this by observing them at play, setting out individual curriculum plans and build a relationship with them so they can offer reassurance and comfort whether in times of distress, support to do something new or even just a high five! 
Your child observations are recorded on this software program which is accessible to you using a secure username and password which will be given to you once your child starts pre-school. 
Consultation Day 
During the spring term we hold consultation days when parents are invited by appointment to speak to their child's key person and to hear about how their child is developing at pre-school. All parents will receive an end of year report. 
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